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CEAC Best Practices

May 28, 2008

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Western Ventura County Employer Advisory Council

The best practices of the Western Ventura County EAC have been the purchase of two lavaliere microphones, and having a business card drawing at their monthly meetings. During seminars and monthly meetings, the microphones are passed around for employers to introduce themselves, market their businesses, and network. The winner of the drawing receives a free lunch at the next meeting they attend.

Lupe Ortiz — Coordinator

Santa Cruz Employer Advisory Council

The Santa Cruz EAC has tailored their quarterly seminars to be of more interest to the small business employers in the community. To accomplish this type of outreach, Santa Cruz partners with a local human resource professional group to cosponsor seminars. The local chamber was recently included in this partnership. Through partnering, coupled with frequency, the EAC seminars have become a very popular event.

Susan Pearce — Coordinator

Western Sector Los Angeles Employer Advisory Council

As a way to increase membership, the Western Sector EAC cosponsored a job fair with EDD. On the day of the event, an employer orientation is provided. The orientation includes an agenda and information on EDD services such as CalJOBS, WOTC, UI, etc. The EAC also presents information to employers on their role with EDD and the advantages of an EAC membership. This approach is also used for other EDD hosted events such as open houses, mini seminars, etc.

Barbara Rossi — Coordinator

San Mateo County Employer Advisory Council

The San Mateo County EAC has created a scholarship fund by collecting the proceeds of raffles held during each luncheon meeting. All the proceeds are used for the scholarship fund and each June, up to $2,000 is awarded.

Prior to the start of the luncheon meeting, San Mateo conducts a community service announcement time. Various community organizations such as the veteran representatives from EDD and representatives from the North Peninsula Family Alternatives group are provided a few minutes of "air time" to talk about their programs and community involvement.

Each year in November, all EAC members are asked to bring a stuffed bear along with a canned food donation to the meeting. The collection of stuffed animals is donated to the San Mateo County Share-A-Bear program. This program provides stuffed animals to children who are crime victims or whose parents may have problems with the police. Police officers give the children the bears to comfort them during questioning and other processes.

Anna Chan — Coordinator

Riverside County Employer Advisory Council

A best practice that keeps the Riverside EAC running smoothly is that each year they use the same location for their monthly meetings and their annual seminar. This saves time spent searching for other locations and the costs are known up front. At each meeting, Riverside hands out an extensive, detailed evaluation sheet. The evaluation includes questions about the attendance rate, the speaker, a section for listing topics of interest for future meetings, and asks if anyone attending is interested in serving on the EAC board.

At the end of the fiscal year, all of the information from the evaluations is compiled and the agenda for the next year is created based-on what the members have requested. The Riverside EAC does not charge membership dues. "Once you attend a meeting you are considered a member for that calendar year. This eliminates the headache and embarrassment of collecting dues. It has worked very well for us so far."

Brianne Swain — Coordinator

San Francisco Employer Advisory Council

The San Francisco EAC has a variety of practices they use to spark employer interest and increase attendance at meetings, as well as increase the membership. San Francisco holds nine monthly meetings each year. All attendees receive the speaker's handouts. However, if a person cannot make the meeting and requests a handout, they are only made available to EAC members. This practice encourages membership because most handouts are excellent.

San Francisco has developed a local marketing brochure that includes their logo, the Golden Gate Bridge. This brochure is mailed along with all inquires and is distributed at conferences, job fairs, etc. Included in each seminar agenda is a "Mark Your Calendar" section, listing EAC meetings and events for the next three months. San Francisco always ask for speakers pro bono. As a bargaining strategy, speakers are informed that their company name is sent out to more than 600 companies at least three times prior to the seminar for marketing purposes.

San Francisco's membership application includes a space to write in a check number. This helps the EAC when they have to research a check or an application. All meeting and seminar evaluations are reviewed to insure that the EAC programs reflect the members requests and needs. At the monthly steering committee meetings, board members take copies of applications that have been checked "YES, willing to serve on a committee," and follow-up personally to invite those people to a meeting. This practice encourages participation and helps the board with successful planning.

This year, to excite employers about the CEAC partnership conference, San Francisco held a drawing for two free registrations, one for nonprofit and one for profit. Employer members were also asked if they would like to contribute items for door prizes or to be conference sponsors. All employer donations were entered into a separate drawing for one free registration.

Betty Webb—Coordinator

Contra Costa County Employer Advisory Council

The CCC EAC has a variety of practices they use to spark employer interest and increase attendance at meetings and membership.

The CCCEAC holds 5-6 seminars each year. All seminars are held at the same location. This allows the coordinator to establish a close working relationship with the hotel and also allows discounts on room rentals and meals.

To encourage attendance each attendee, (excluding board members) are entered into a raffle with the chance to win a beautiful gift basket. There chances are doubled if they bring a guest. At the beginning of each seminar there are a few minutes dedicated to the “Member Spotlight”. This allows one of the members to share information about their company.

At the conclusion of each seminar, a detailed evaluation sheet is distributed. The evaluation includes questions about the speaker, topics of interest for future meetings, room accommodations etc. At the end of the year all of the information from the evaluations is compiled and the seminar schedule for the following year is created based-on what the members and seminar attendees have requested.

The CCC EAC coordinator sends a quarterly newsletter to all members. Legislative updates, EDD updates, seminar and event announcements, and information on sponsorships they contributed to during that period of time. Each issue also features one of the members.

Cindy Sugrue — Coordinator

Santa Clara County Employer Advisory Council

A successful practice of the Santa Clara County EAC has been to provide continuous support to the local veterans group. Santa Clara County EAC provides financial support to aid veterans in their job search and to assist them in job-readiness. The EAC provides financial support and supports all of the marketing efforts for the annual veteran's job fair. Throughout the year, veteran representatives are invited to EAC meetings to share information about the veteran's job fair. A veteran's representative also serves on the steering committee. This practice helps to keep the EAC apprised of important veteran affairs.

In response to the fast-paced Silicon Valley lifestyle, the Santa Clara EAC holds early morning breakfast meetings. The speaker is always done by 9:30 am, including questions. Busy employers can leave at that time, or stay for more questions.

At every breakfast meeting, there are two display tables with information and materials for employers. The information includes materials from EDD and from the One-Stop partners. "This practice has become a big hit with newcomers, and employers who have attended meetings before, know to check the table each time."

In addition to their regular mailing list, Santa Clara now targets potential employer members based on the workshop topic each month. For example, if the speaker's topic is Workers' Compensation, they mail flyers to local construction and building companies. "This is the hook to bring them in and then they learn the value of what an EAC membership has to offer."

Myrna Shiraev—Coordinator

San Fernando Valley Employer Advisory Council

At every seminar the San Fernando Valley EAC collects business cards for a drawing. The winners receive either an invitation to attend a seminar at no cost, or a one-year membership with the EAC. This practice promotes goodwill, increases the word-of-mouth publicity that promotes membership, and results in sold-out attendance at our seminars.

Kathleen Trinaystich — Coordinator

Monterey Peninsula Employer Advisory Council

The Monterey Peninsula EAC is relatively new. In January 1999, Monterey Peninsula and the Salinas Valley EACs combined. This also meant that the Salinas EAC would transition from the CEAC Region Four Area to the CEAC Region Two Area. The newly formulated EAC is in the process of developing what will be a strong steering committee by recruiting representatives from the various industries in Monterey County. They believe this will assist the EAC with keeping informed of what is important to the businesses in their area.

The Monterey Peninsula steering committee is comprised of human resource management services, agribusiness, employment services, education, banking and finance, municipal utilities, and the Hospitality Business Association. In the near future, Monterey hopes to include industries in county government, healthcare, insurance, and building. Monterey Peninsula EAC holds four events during the year: three breakfast meetings that include a guest speaker and one half-day seminar. This year's half-day seminar was a big success with more than 220 attendees.

Sandra Stevens — Coordinator

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